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Are you a new home buyer, require new home builders or looking for knockdown and rebuild? 


We specialise in new home building and assisting individuals in creating their dream homes. No task is to hard, all you have to do is ASK. 



Whether you're putting up a new wall, building an addition or starting a home from the ground up, the frame is the most crucial part of any structure. We pride ourselves in providing qualitity framing. We specialise in High Volume Residential and Commercial Timber Framing. 


A custom-designed pergola can add another dimension to your home, designed and built by ASK Carpentry and Construction to blend in with the style of your house.

A pergola is best described as a verandah without the roofing. The perfect versatile addition to your new or established home.

69 pergolas où l'on rêve de s'évader.jpeg
Grace  McCunnie - Newport4961.jpeg


Outdoor living is an important part of many Australian homes. So why not add sleek exterior design to your home with a trendy deck. Enjoy family BBQ or turn your yard into a poolside paradise with quality craftmanship outdoor entertainment.


Extensions and Renovations are a popular and more affordable way of refurbishing your existing home. Without the expense of selling and buying to achieve your dream home. 

Make your visions come true. All you have to do is just ASK and we will answer. 

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